Week 16 Final Post

 Has your viewpoint on social media changed?      Throughout this semester we used how to use social media in ways that's not just personal use but for business use. I learned different tools and how different structured posts can change the outcome of how people see your business. Also, I learned how social media can be used to persuade people to see what your business is about and potentially buy from your business.      My viewpoint on social media has changed. I thought social media was really for personal use or for people with platforms. I believed that social media didn't do much for a business but now I think differently. Now, I think business should heavily rely (if they don't already) on their social media accounts and make sure they always have someone active posting engaging and well thought posts.  Do you have a better understanding of how to use it successfully to develop a business?     From all the lessons and practices on our imaginary business, I certainly

Week 9 Post 1

      Adding human interest to posts can be beneficial to the business and the customer. Adding personal taste will allow the customers and the business form a relationship to have a stronger company bond. Personal taste to a post can show people what the company is truly about and what they care for most. This will show customers that they posses one of the most important qualities, empathy.      Although there is a right and wrong time to add personal taste. I believe a company should add personal taste when they have started to create a platform for themselves and people really know what the company is all about. You should also not post with personal taste until the business knows more about their customers, what they are all about, and what they care for most. If you post something with personal taste right when you start the business, people might think you don't really care for those things and just is desperate for customers because they don't really know about your com

Week 15

     This class has taught me a lot about social networking and how you use it as an advantage to your business. Throughout this semester I learned how different social media platforms can be beneficial for all different types of businesses and for my travel agency I believe Facebook and Instagram would be beneficial to my business. These platforms would impact my business in a good way because my business is an online business that targets young and old so if I use Facebook, where more of the older generation is on I could use that to promote my business. Also for Instagram where everyone is on, is a huge platform to promote my business because a lot of people get their ideas from Instagram posts and more.    Another topic we learned about this year is different tools that can help a business. One of the tools I would use very well is the weekly newsletters and discounts on my travel packages. Weekly newsletters can help my business to remind and show customers of new packages and sal

Week 14 Post 2

 Sense my business have not received enough likes to look at my own analytics I will be looking at Aztec Brewing Company from San Diego.  Sense COVID-19 their business have slowed down but their reaches of face only went down very little but their engagement has gone up tremendously this past November. Facebook analytics allows you to see the demographics of the people that are viewing your posts and what they are using to view that post and Aztec Brewing Company has more people viewing their posts from a mobile phone than a company by a lot. Next, looking at all the reach and engagements from posts it seems all of the posts are around 400-600 reaches some exceeding that by a lot. For example, a timeline photos post with 1.5k reaches. Although when it comes to engagements they are low except the timeline photo post. The next section is how many and when are most of the company's followers are on Facebook. With this diagram you can say that their followers are most active from 9am t

Week 14 Post 1

 As I looked at the features I saw many that could be beneficial towards my business.  For starters, I looked at Analytics Intelligence section and saw Proactive Insights. Proactive Insights is a tool that will surface insights from my data on key changes, new trends, and other opportunities that I should be aware of. This will help my business so I can keep updated on what everyone is getting into easier and if I should start preparing to add another travel package or if I should put out a new sale or spice things up on my website. The next section I went into is Reports. First, Audience Reports would be good for my business because one of the tools is that it tells you how active users are towards my website and how much they show up on my website from 1 day ago to a month ago. Another useful tool is Advertising Reports. This tool allows me to see how many users clicks on my ad to go to my website. This helps me because it lets me know if part of my marketing strategy is working or i

Week 13 Part B

  These are my three promotional advertisements   The first advertisement is to mainly promote my business page rather than sell a specific service. If the viewer get's curious on what I have to offer, I have a good chance that they will like or follow my page and come back to ask for assistance when they are planning to travel. The second one is to promote a travel package that I am offering. Not only do I explain what the package offers but I also show a picture of what they can see if they choose to by the package. My third advertisement is to also promote a travel package but fit the package in the current season which is Christmas! I also add in a discount as a Christmas sale. My objective is for people to see what packages I am offering and either buy one because of the discount or follow my page for a future trip. The objective that makes most sense for my business is giving away discounts and showing videos and pictures. My business is a traveling agency and people travel t

Week 13 Part A

       When I look at the ads on social media like Facebook and Instagram, I see that they use videos and bright colors in their ads. For example, on Instagram, I saw an ad for a new bullet journal that came with a kit of crafts like rolling tape, stickers, sticky notes, and more. They used a bright filter to pop out the color of the bullet journal. They also showed a video of the bullet journal opening up with inspirational ways you can decorate with your bullet journal and the supplies it comes with. Another thing the ad did to catch my eye was a discount code. At the end of the ad, it showed a discount code for 15% off on your whole purchase. This ad was very effective because I did end up purchasing from their online store even though that was not my intention.     There were many ads like this on Facebook and Instagram. Although some of the ads I get on these social media's are false leading which becomes very annoying. For example, on Facebook, there was an ad for a mobile ap