Week 3 Part B

When developing a brand for my business, I would want to make sure it goes well with my business concept. For example, my business would be a service that helps people prepare for vacations or eventful trips. This service helps with financing, where to go, what to pack, what to do and what not to do considering the culture, and how to have the most fun with the time given.     The first thing I should work on is if I have a logo or if I am the face of the brand. Sense this is a travel agency, I would have a logo to attract customers. It would be something exciting, simple, and cute. I would base my whole design and brand based on my logo so everything goes together. 
    To add on, my logo would have a tagline but something simple and short. For example, something like, "Easy travels", "We plan, You pack", or "Travel to live, Live to travel". These potential tag lines will tell customers that this business provides stress free travel planning and the abili…

Week 3 Part A

Gate Openers and Gate OperatorsUrl:
Gate Openers and Gate Operators has a very complicated design for their website. At first glance, it was all too much. There was writing and buttons everywhere. Potential customers would feel overwhelmed and not bother looking through it more and find website that is simpler to spend their money on. They should also lower the amount of tabs and organize where the information should go so the home page could look cleaner and have a tidy look. Another problem was the colors. The colors they chose are boring and they don't go together at all. It would be better to choose less colors and colors that will match well together to give the website a more exciting design. The most disappointing factor was the photos. The photos were placed in not so convenient spots on the website. They should take better photos to really catch viewers eyes and place most of the photos under one tab. For example, "Our past designs" or &quo…

Week 2 Part B Comments

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Week 2 Part B

BigHit Entertainment:Website url: Description: BigHit Entertainment is one of the biggest music production companies in South Korea and is pretty much known all around the world. They create Idol groups (Singers) to create music and share their stories through music and entertainment. Thanks to their #1 Idol group, BTS, that they become one of the top music production studios in the world.  Social Media: BigHit Entertainment shows their social media links at the bottom of their welcome page which includes, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. BigHit uses their social media frequently sense one of the places they release all of their content and news on is social media platforms. Twitter: 16.3 Million FollowersLast post: Sept. 8thPosts dailyFacebook: 5.5 Million FollowersLast post: Sept. 5thPosts a couple times a weekYouTube: 43.6 Million FollowersLat post: Sept. 2ndPosts weekly sometimes moreBigHit Entertainment relies heavily on their social media platforms sense a…

Week 2 Post 1: Blog Post

Communicating with businesses has changed throughout the years as social media platforms have become more and more popular. Now, if you want to promote your favorite business or warn others of a bad business, it only takes a click of a button. Before, It would probably take days or even weeks to let your friends and family know that you loved or hated this particular business because the only way you could inform people were face to face. Now, the whole world can see it in just a few seconds. Today, it's very easy to review products and/or services because we have the social media that we didn't have before.    When it comes to reviewing a product or service you want to make sure that people get the answers to their questions. I would want to keep my review very short and sweet saying the basics about the product or service, like price and what you get out of the product or service. Then I would say my favorite part of the product or service but also my least favorite part abo…

Week 1 Part B

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Week 1A: My Template

Welcome to my blog! For my theme I chose a travel, aesthetic and nature look. Reasons why I chose this type of theme is because I am really passionate about traveling and I want to see what Mother Nature and what the human race has created over the years all around the world.    The background photo that I have chosen is a place in South Korea during the cherry bloosem season. One of my dreams is to go to South Korea and attend their cherry blossom festival. I also have dreams of going to many other places like Greece, Paris, Japan, etc.     To add on to the theme I chose a specific font, Reenie Beanie, to add on a feel that you are reading from a handwritten travel journal instead of an internet blog. Throughout this blog I hope to evolve and show more of my theme!
    In the past and even now today, people have used blogs and other social media platforms to promote and grow their business. Although depending on your business and who you are targeting is what tells you what social med…